October 15, 2018

5 rules to enjoy the professional game

5 rules to enjoy the professional game

By Matilde Hernandez

I wish I would have known this 5 rules of the professional game earlier in my career, I hope this 5 rules can help you in your development as a leader in your organization.  It has been a great experience for me  learning about them while I am still building, constantly working with my mentors, and networking with professional partners.

1. Know the Rules. Know the unwritten rules your company lives by.

2. Reflect & Assess your Impact. Successful leaders constantly asses their skill set, commitment and passion. Assess your contribution on a daily basis with regard to supporting your company mission. Seek feedback to understand your strengths and opportunities for improvement. Ask for feedback on how you are perceived by others.

3. Don’t Do It Alone. Seek out mentors, and create a network of strategic allies.

4. Manage Work, Lead People. Establish and communicate a clear vision. Makes things happen through and with others. Create an inclusive environment to foster personal leadership.

5. Enjoy the Game. Understand the need to reflect and renew to ensure continued growth and development. Act like a role model for making a difference. Demonstrate passion and enjoyment in what you do. Inspire others to enjoy their work. Praise others for their contribution. Celebrate success.